Our Price Promise

Radically Low Prices. Every. Single. Day.

It’s simple. Our prices stay the same every day of the year. There’s no haggling, coupon-hunting, or flash sales. Just amazing products at honest, reliable prices.

At Podium, every customer wins.

Here’s what you get with Podium’s Price Promise:

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Incredible Value

The Podium business model saves you money. How? By skipping retail store markups and selling directly to you. That’s how we sell high-quality adjustable beds for such low prices.
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365-Day Pricing

Why wait for the next big sale when you can have your adjustable bed now? Our price promise means you never have to watch, wait, or hesitate. You can buy your premium Podium adjustable bed base today—because our prices are incredible all year round.
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Hassle-Free Shopping

Stop looking for coupon codes. Don’t worry about your negotiation strategy. There’s no need to scour the Internet for deals. With our price promise, you’re free to focus on what matters: building your perfect sleep space.

Honest, Transparent Pricing

How We Do It

We believe that every Canadian deserves a great adjustable bed base at a fair and honest price. Our well-crafted bed bases go from the factory floor to your door in as few steps as possible.


Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most commonly asked questions about our Price Promise.

What exactly is the Podium Price Promise?

It’s our commitment to giving you the lowest and fairest price on an adjustable bed base. You don’t have to scour the Internet for deals. We do the leg work for you by keeping all of our adjustable beds at the same honest prices, every day of the year.

No manipulative sales tactics. No unexpected price changes filling you with regret.

Just high-quality sleep offered for one fantastic price.

Why does Podium have a Price Promise?

Over the years, we’ve watched the industry increase and decrease prices and we can see how confusing that is for customers.

Nobody wants to buy an item at full price only to see it go on sale the next day. Similarly, there’s nothing worse than watching a sale end right before payday.

With our price promise, every customer wins and no one misses out. You’re getting the same amazing adjustable bed at the same price, all 365 days of the year.

What happens if your prices go down after I buy a Podium adjustable bed base?

They won’t. Thanks to our price promise, no Podium adjustable bed base will be sold at a lower price than what you find here or on any of our other brand-affiliated websites.

What is the “Comparable Product” price on your product pages?

On our product pages, you will see a “Comparable Product” price.

In our commitment to offer our customers radically low, honest prices every day of the year, we track the prices of comparable products from other retailers. The savings displayed on our product pages show what you save against the comparable reference product(s) we have identified.

Here’s how we calculate your savings.

  1. We use publicly available information to find a product of similar quality, composition, and construction.
  2. We calculate the price difference between our product and the reference product.
  3. We do daily research and update the comparison pricing as needed.

This helps increase information accuracy for our customers on any given day. Because we cannot know all of the decisions that went into other retailers’ manufacturing or pricing, we cannot guarantee the exact accuracy of the comparison. For this reason, savings may vary. We intend to display the most realistic price comparison possible.

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Total Comfort & Total Control From Just $1,049

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Canadian Support

Expert knowledge, readily available. Our Canadian-based support team is ready to help when you need it.

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Ships Free

Every Podium ships directly to your door from one of our local fulfilment centres.
Fees may apply for some remote locations.

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Extensive Warranty

Each adjustable bed frame is backed by an extensive 10-year warranty for lasting peace of mind. Local service included.

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Slimline Packaging

Podium folds up neatly, making it easy to navigate through tight corners and narrow hallways to your bedroom.

Ships From Canada

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Convenient Payment

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